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Increasing Sales Performance

Increasing Sales through Superior Performance

Improve skills, change behavior, set goals, measure results and drive performance.

Solutions focusing on sales and marketing to accelerate your sales cycle, drive customer loyalty and meet your performance goals.

  • Sales Force Training and Development
  • Sales Management Training and Development
  • Establishing Sales and Marketing Goals, Strategies and Tactics
  • Market research, assessment and selection
  • Marketing Plan
  • Branding Strategy and Brand Development
  • Channel Development
  • Develop your Brand, Targets, Focus and Content for how to address Markets, Products and Customers
  • Customer acquisition strategies
  • Customer retention programs
  • CRM solutions, implementation and training
  • Referral Marketing


Let acceler8 show you how:  Contact us for a free consultation.

“Kjell worked with us in order to craft a branding strategy that spoke to the new direction that we were taking the organization. He took his time, ensured everyone understood what needed to be done and ensured everyone’s participation. The result has been transformative. Our organization has an awareness of how to be successful prospectively as a result of his guidance and diligence. I would recommend Kjell to anyone that has a strategic business need”.

Nicole Geremina Newhouse

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