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Exit Planning

Creating Transferable Value

Are you prepared?

  • 75% of a business owner’s net worth is tied up in his or her business
  • 65% of all business owners do not know what their business is worth
  • 85% have no Exit Strategy*

The professionals at acceler8 work with business owners to successfully leave their businesses, but are uncertain how to best accomplish that goal.

By using a systematic approach to take control of the succession planning process we work to maximize the value those owners receive when they sell or transfer their businesses. You get independent advice and an owner-centered Exit Plan based on your goals, objectives and concerns.

The professionals at acceler8 and work with business owners to:

  • Create and preserve transferable value within their businesses.
  • Transfer ownership and value as profitably as possible no matter who they sell to.
  • Integrate personal, financial and estate planning goals with the goals of their business to maximize profit and minimize tax liability.

Our clients will maximize the financial potential of their business, relieving financial uncertainty, so that they can passionately pursue their personal goals.

Contact us for a free consultation of exit planning in Arizona.

” Trying to plan for the transition phase in the life cycle of a business is an area not frequently visited by entrepreneurs.. Kjell and his associates were able to demonstrate the need for a plan…..and more importantly, develop it to ensure that my intentions and wishes were taken into account in a tax and cost effective manner and that our future is ensured. Also, the coordination of this complex process among my many advisors was truly appreciated. Thank you again for all of your excellent work!”

Mark W. Bagnall, Owner, CLU
the bagnall company, United Benefit Advisors

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