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Why You Should Hire a CPA for Your Small Business

October 1, 2014

If you run a small business, you have a lot on your plate.  You are trying to juggle all the day-to-day demands of running your business, and you could probably use a little help.  Let us help.  Consider these top reasons why your small business should hire a CPA instead of an accountant. What’s the […]

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End of 2013 Tax Tips for Business Owners

October 22, 2013

There are only a few weeks left of the tax year. It’s time to start planning for next year- and for tax season!  Below are a few ways a small business owner can save money on taxes. Track your mileage The IRS mileage rate this year 56.5 cents/mile, meaning you get a deduction for .565 […]


Helpful Hints for Choosing a Tax Accountant

October 15, 2013

We all pay taxes and we could probably all benefit from some professional guidance when it comes to filing our tax returns. There are many different people out there who claim to be tax professionals, so you may not know how to find the right person for you. Here are some helpful hints for choosing […]


7 Common Tax Mistakes That You Can Avoid

October 11, 2013

There are some common tax mistakes that many people make when filing their returns. If you watch out for these mistakes, you can help to speed up the process and get your tax return more quickly. These are seven common tax mistakes that you can avoid. Social Security Number One of the most common mistakes […]


How Long to Keep Your Tax Returns

October 1, 2013

Every year you dutifully file your taxes, put them away in a drawer, and wait for your refund. You probably never think twice about how long you need to keep those tax returns until the drawer starts getting too full to hold the new set of returns. So, how long do you need to keep […]

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