Developing Strategies for Growth

Growing your Business – Business Growth Strategies

Build a scaleable business that is attractive to customers and investors

A business owner’s ability to look beyond the short-term challenges to identify long-term opportunities as well as his or her ability to maintain and improve cash flow have become the ultimate measure of how well the company will tolerate and overcome today’s economic challenges.

Work Smarter


Not Harder


acceler8 can show you how!


Set your business up for growth

Create a sound infrastructure that is scaleable – create the ability to serve 1 or 10000


Go Beyond Trading Time for Dollars

Package your talents and offerings in ways that go beyond trading time for dollars


Re-assess Your Business Model

Is it one that will function in today’s economy and beyond? Or, is it time to re-examine some of your assumptions in order to take advantage of new opportunities?


Growth Through Acquisition

Increase revenue, gain market share, diversify your customer base or acquire specific equipment through carefully targeted acquisitions.


Business Automation

Create processes and systems to automate your operations, sales, production and marketing as much as possible


Assess Your Management Team

Without doubt, the most important contributor to your growth and business value is your management team


Increase Your Customer Base

Engage in activities that bring you customers 24/7


New Offerings

Identify new offerings to existing customers


Cross Promotional Opportunities

Create joint ventures and strategic alliances for cross promotional opportunities

A disciplined and strategic roadmap for moving a business forward…

Acceler8 and Kjell Andreassen are tremendous resources for developing a disciplined and strategic roadmap for moving a business forward. There are a million things in the day we can do. Kjell helps ensure that time, effort and resources are focused on the priorities that make a difference and produce results – fast.”

Steven L. Holstein

Chief Executive Officer, UltraClinics, LLC