To be a successful small business owner, you must be as innovative in creating
marketing strategies as you are in developing new product and service ideas.
Here are some low-cost, creative, and effective guerilla marketing tactics small
businesses have used to outperform their larger rivals:

  • Always be on the lookout for new niches to enter. Try to develop multiple niches.
  • Get speaking engagements with local organizations to speak about your business, product or service.
  • Organize or sponsor a local service- or community oriented project – conduct a fund raiser.
  • Give loyal customers an occasional free product or service – they will remember this for a long time.
  • Find creative ways to thank your customers for their business (especially first time buyers);
  • Create a “tip-sheet” for your customers;
  • Create a frequent buyer program – work hard to keep the customers you have. Launch a loyalty program that gives customers a reason to return.
  • Reward referral partners and existing customers for referring new customers to you.
  • Sell gift certificates – this will boost your cash flow.
  • Write an article that will interest your customers or potential customers.
  • Publish a newsletter.
  • Write a blog.
  • Volunteer to serve on community boards and committees.
  • Embrace social networking. Online technology allows you to engage with your customers and build trust. Trust builds buyers.
  • Show an interest in your customers’ needs. If you see a seminar that would be of interest to them, tell them! Become a valuable resource to your customers.

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