AS I WORK WITH PROFESSIONALS AND BUSINESS OWNERS, I see far too many of them working hard to earn a living but utterly failing to build an effective business.

Many business owners work hard all day and struggle with marketing and maintenance and production

until they are exhausted at night. Or, even worse, they don’t have enough work or customers to keep them busy, so they anguish and worry; but again, they aren’t building an effective BUSINESS so, day after day, nothing changes.

The goal of any business is to SERVE CUSTOMERS and the goal of an effective business is to do it in a way

that makes a profit and makes sense for the owner, the employees, and the investors. The ‘end’ of any business has to make sense – as well as dollars and cents!

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· Is your business ‘working’ for you, or are you struggling?

· Do you have “enough” customers to make a profit and the ‘right’ customers so your business really works for everyone involved?

· Do you have a plan (a blueprint, with details and dates) for growing the business?

· Do you have an exit strategy for when you want to retire or are ready to move on?

· Do you make time (no one “has” time) to plan and design the future?

· Are your plans being implemented on a regular basis?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then make changes!

Adjust your schedule, get training, hire an assistant, or get a business advisor or business coach!

As Michael Gerber says in his wonderful book, “The E-Myth,” you want to work on your business, not just in or for your business. Design and build an effective, efficient (and profitable!) business that works FOR you!

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