In the post ABC’s of Internet Marketing we shared the basics of marketing your business online. In this post we will go more in depth on SEO, article marketing, press releases, and social media.

When it comes to internet marketing strategies, many business owners just seem lost.  Traditional methods of marketing don’t always apply when you take your business online, plus you have opportunities to really individualize your internet marketing strategies and aim them right toward your ideal customer, even if that person takes several different forms.

If you want to find success online, then you need these four top internet marketing strategies in your tool bag:

  1. SEO, or search engine optimization – If you just throw your website up there without much thought about how your customers will find you, then you won’t make much headway in the marketing department.  You can’t market your business to people who can’t find you, and SEO offers the key.  Using the right keywords on your site is the very first of many internet marketing strategies you should try.
  2. Email marketing – When customers do visit your site, it’s important to collect their email address and be able to market to them effectively.  When they’re signing up for your newsletters, they are open to your product or service.  But you have to take the next step and market to them in a way that makes them click the “buy” button.
  3. Articles and press releases – Internet marketing strategies should also include regular publishing of articles and press releases about your business.  This part of the strategy enables you to set you and your business up as experts in your particular field.  It also helps to drive traffic to your website because when people see the article or press releases that you’ve published, they’ll want to visit your website and possibly even buy from you because they will view you as an expert.
  4. Social media marketing – This is one of the newer pieces of the puzzle when it comes to internet marketing strategies.  Customers want to be able to interact with you directly online, and social media allows you to do just that.  When they feel important, they will want to buy from you.

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A successful internet marketing strategy should cover all the bases because not everyone uses the same techniques for finding what they need on the internet.  Most people know how to do keyword searches, so that is the perfect place to start, but these other items are just as important parts of your toolbox because it enhances your overall online image.

Acceler8 covers all the bases for internet marketing strategies in Arizona, from SEO to social media marketing.

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