The home page sets the stage for the rest of your website and the objective is to capture the visitors’ immediate interest and motivate them to explore your site or take whatever next step you want them to. You want to be able to picture your visitor nodding his/her head as they read/scan your home page.

To be able to properly present the benefits of your business to your visitors it is critical that you first have a clear understanding of your target market and the challenges they face.

Armed with your detailed knowledge of your target market, keep the information your present on your home page to the point and benefit orientated. People are scanners so use headings to get your message across and break up the content. Focus on trying to answer the questions: What is your value proposition, and…who says so (you must establish credibility; use results that you have achieved, customer testimonials, showcase your work etc.)?

Do not start with a “Welcome to our site” or talking about how wonderful your business is. The reality is at this early stage visitors do not care about your business, they only care about what your business can do for them. So talk to them, not at them about the benefits of using your business.

When crafting the script, make sure to include the appropriate key words. What do you think would be some of the search phrases a visitor would type in to Google if they were looking for your products or services?

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